Quality assurance policies at Aceitunas Torremar

The executives at Aceitunas Torremar have quality management systems in each one of the company’s departments.

For this reason, the following guidelines are established:

  • Quality assurance of the products supplied
  • Compliance with the requirements of our customers, consolidating trust in Aceitunas Torremar
  • Efficient control and management of all processes
  • Continual improvement of processes, procedures and products
  • Proficient assignment of functions and responsibilities
  • Motivation and instilling awareness in all the employees, with regards to the importance of implanting and developing a quality system


Environmental policies

The environmental policies at Aceitunas Torremar, are directed at the minimisation of the environmental impacts that the activities taking place within the company have. We are working towards the fulfilment of these regulations.

Management is conscious of the environmental impacts that could arise due to its activities. But by establishing a set of preventative actions, we will be able to detect any problems before our immediate environment is affected.

The environmental policy contemplates the following aspects:

  • An attitude of true commitment to the environment from the whole work force of the company. So that it is not only seen as a local problem, but as a global challenge in which everyone can help by joining their efforts together
  • Offering the prevention and minimisation of its damaging environmental aspects. Maintaining its commitment to improving its surroundings
  • Observe continuously the changes in legislation and environmental regulations that apply to the company and follow their development