Our products


The trajectory of the raw material begins by selecting the best olive groves in the whole south and south-east regions of Spain. Combining this selection with the picking of “the olive” fruit and the careful choice of timing for the picking. All of this so that it gets to our premises in the best condition, passing all our hygiene and quality controls.

Our range of products does not only include olives but also our home-made pickles which we achieve by selecting the best gherkins, capers, caper berries, peppers, onions, chilli peppers, sweet garlic, tomatoes and also our famous hot or sweet banderillas made with the recipes from our ancestors.

Our process


The preparation of our olives and pickles is one of our best kept secrets that make Torremar so renowned between our customers, thanks to the taste and the quality of the product. Well looked after during all of the processes that take place until it reaches the palate of the client.

All the processes that are products complete are submitted to rigorous quality controls by our work force. We dedicate all of our efforts, so that our Torremar trademark is a distinguished leader in the Spanish and European markets.



Gourmet Line


The R & D department of Aceitunas Torremar creates this Gourmet line, with high quality products, mainly observing and evaluating the growing demand and increased exigency in the international olive market. Thus thriving to achieve a development process and making a product for the highest level in the market for table olives.

To achieve our goal in this gourmet line, it is necessary to select the best raw material, the olive tree, selecting and caring its fruit, monitoring it comprehensively and carefully throughout their development to maturity.

When the olive reaches its green-yellow straw colour is collected by “milking system.” This system, despite its high cost, has the advantage over others of causing the least damage to the product, thus obtaining a very low percentage of damaged olives.

Once collected, the olives go through a thorough process of quality and classification as processing moves to the next, very important last phase, using the best kept secrets from our ancestors and applying our formulas, it is now when our olive achieves its soft and delicious taste for the enjoyment of the end customer.

Our other range of Gourmet products are pickles, specially selected from field to processing, through all the appropriate controls for selection for the sale of delicatessen products. Among them we highlight our Banderillas, the Spicy Snacks & Sweets, and Garlic Stuffed Olives selected and handmade with ancient methods.

All our Gourmet Products are presented in the most innovative glass designs, grouped in wooden boxes and labelled with hot-stamping (gold leaf) for linking such a high quality product with the presentation.


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